Answers for Athiests Conference

From left and down and around the table 😉 : Jo, Grace, Nickie, Elise, Ashley, Grace, Tony, Leah and Christina. 🙂 I am behind the camera (a prestigious position, to be sure). ;P

AiG Conference! Sooo, about a week after the women’s conference Jo and I got to join Grace, Nickie, Leah, Elise, and Christina on yet another venture to Kentucky. This conference was being held over Easter weekend at the same time the Athiests’ convention was being held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The AiG conference was hosting such keynote speakers as Ray Comfort, E. Z., Mark Spence, Ken Ham, Dr. Jason Lisle, and so many more. I was really excited to be able to go.

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Answers for Women Conference

The reason I haven’t been doing reviews lately is because I’ve been traveling and will be traveling the better part of this month. So just a short explanation as to why I’ve been rather negligent of my reading and reviewing. 🙂 And since I’m already on here I figured I’d add some pictures.  Bright Lights (a young ladies’ discipleship ministry based out of Iowa) had a booth at the Answers For Women conference and invited some of the leaders to come along. Jo and I were elated and eagerly accepted the invite. So on the 4th of April Emily, Nickie, Karen,  Continue reading

Because the Time is Near by John MacArthur

I borrowed this book a couple of months after meeting John MacArthur (he is an amazing speaker and servant of God).  I had just begun an in-depth study of Revelation for my daily Bible time and was really quite pleased to find this book. I have now officially finished my study (three months later!) and am duly here to report how it fared.

Points to Ponder:

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Grace Abounding by John Bunyan

I first read this book a few months after I was saved in 2005 and recently revisited it listening to the audiobook version. To be honest, after the first three chapters, I found myself reliving some of the initial feelings and inner battles that waged inside of me after I was saved. As a matter of fact the first 7 chapters of this book are his personal diary of the inner wrestling that bunyan had undergone for several years.
Here are a few highlights that I thought were notable and profound:

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The Trampling of the Lilies by Rafael Sabatini

Ciel preserve us! What a ride- up, down, and all around! This is one of Sabatini’s first books and one he said he never wanted any one to read. Disregarding such wishes, I read it anyway.

This is going to be a bit different than how I normally write reviews so bear with me. I decided to do a book summary instead of the plot, and my thoughts on it rather than point by point what I liked/disliked. Brief summary:

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The Carolinian by Rafael Sabatini

I’m sorry, guys, I’m in a read-anything-but-the-book-you-should-be-reading (i.e. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) mood. So I read another Sabatini novel. :/

 This particular novel is about another revolution: the American Revolution. Whilst Scaramouche was filled to overflowing with wit, this book is more…..adventurous, and  maybe just a tad more emotionally involved. Continue reading

Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

Forgive this bland book cover image, but I couldn’t find one that truly did the book justice, thus I was forced to choose this one. :/ Such dismal thoughts aside, Jo got this from a friend and, before she had a chance to read it, I devoured it. 😀

Sabatini has officially made it to my list of top five favorite authors. I marvel at the way he managed to weave politics, not-so mushy romance and adventure into this 300+ page book and still make it palatable to the reader.

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My Grandma

This year started out rather sad for my family. My grandma (my dad’s mom), Connie Mae Snow Edwards passed away on January 3rd- a dismal beginning for the New Year. She lived for 81 years (2/15/1937- 1/3/2019), brightening this world with her beautiful smile and kind words. She was married for 60 years to my grandpa, Floyd Leroy Edwards, and they had two children: my uncle, Bruce, and my dad, Troy.

I decided to post something I wrote this morning as I sat contemplating Grandma’s life and how much she meant to me….

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