The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

  Le Comte de Monte Cristo, everything sounds better in French, doesn’t it? Okay, maybe not everything. 😉 I truly love this book. It’s so full of mystery, intrigue and, of course, revenge. Not that I’m an advocate for revenge, but it does make for a great story line.
My reasons for being enamored by this book:
#1. It begins by endearing you to Edmond (albeit, through his naivete). I mean, he is really naive, he trusts everybody. He believes Fernand. He trusts Continue reading

Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery

  This was the first Savery book I read. Though, I must admit, I did not find it as savory as The Reb and the Redcoats. 😉 I read it after Jo got it from a friend (as all good sisters should) and was favorably impressed.
But, let me tell you now, when I read this it was more methodically than emotionally. I must have been preoccupied cause I don’t remember it too very well. So I flipped through it yesterday to refresh my memory. Continue reading

gods at war by Kyle Idleman

   Convicting, hilarious, on point, true; this book hits the nail on the head.
I began this book with some trepidation, cause Idleman’s bio (on the back of the book) begins with ‘pastor of the fourth largest church in America’. And when the author’s bio begins with boasting it normally goes downhill from there. Not so with gods at war. It flipped my world from me-focused to Jesus-focused.
Here’s how:
#1. Kyle begins with the 2nd commandment- the one everyone is sure they haven’t broken- and Continue reading

The Eleventh Brother by Rachel Wilcox

   This is one of the many Joseph books I read while searching for the perfect one. And this one fell way below my book standard. Sure, maybe lots of people want ‘Christian’ romance, but not me. It’s supposed to be about Joseph, right? Not every woman that crosses his path.
Here are the few things I liked about it:
#1. Dinah and Joseph’s relationship was sweet.
#2. Wilcox does a good job writing it. I’ve read a few books in which the grammar is atrocious (not that mine isn’t 😉 ) and the sentences discombobulated. Continue reading