Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace

With Easter coming up I figured it was high time I did a review on a book centered around the Lord Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Since we’ve already done The Robe I decided on Ben-Hur.
I read Ben-Hur after watching the movie (when I was about 15 or 16) and, at first, it was really slow going. The book is divided into 6 smaller books which are then divided into chapters.
The first book follows the magi as they follow the star. Continue reading

The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss

   This is the story about a Methodist minister and his wife, who, when they find they are unable to have any children of their own, decide to adopt one.The Authoress, Helen, (the wife in the story)loved children, and was elated to adopt one.So, though Helen is ready to take a baby home the day they apply to adopt, they have to wait a while until they get to take home their first.When they do get their first baby, Donny,  the husband (Carl) thinks Helen is satisfied and things can settle down. But not so. Continue reading

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

One of the greatest classics America has produced, Little Women is an endearing story of the coming of age for four girls. It starts off at Christmas time, with their Papa away at War, and Marmee working hard to keep her family going. The girls each show their strength and weaknesses in the first few chapters, and resolve to work hard to become the “little women” their papa calls them in his latest letter.
Enter a neighbor boy who is being raised by his gruff grandpa, his tutor, and a host of adventures. Continue reading

A Man Escaped by Andre Devigny (also a movie-1956)

  This book contains all the necessary elements for a riveting, compelling, heart-rending story. All the more because it’s true.
This is a true story of a man on death row in Montluc prison in 1943. It follows him from his assassination of a commandant to his betrayal, capture, imprisonment, trial, and eventual escape.
Reasons I like it:
#1. True WW2 story told in first person by the aforementioned person.
#2. Andre is part of the French Resistance, a Continue reading

Desperate Journey (1942) movie review

   Starring: Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan and Alan Hale (a most admirable cast in my opine).
I love the older movies where the actors created the movie rather than the green screens and movie magic. That’s not to say I don’t like Narnia or some (not all) of the Marvel movies, they’re just not as good as the golden oldies.
Another thing about the older movies, they don’t need an expletive every few seconds to spice up the dialogue. They could carry on a decent conversation without blaspheming to get the point across. Continue reading