The Magician’s Nephew by Clive Staples Lewis

    Before I even get started I must admit that this is not my favorite book in The Chronicles. It reminds me alot of A Series Of Unfortunate Events (now that would take a long time to review). Yet, that being said, it is also the most foundational book in the series. I put off writing this review because I knew I’d have to review the rest once I got started…which requires me rereading the entire series. Not that I don’t want to read them- anywho, a lot of to-do about nothing. 🙂
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The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

   The Hobbit is a simple story. For those who love an ordinary story with ordinary characters, this is a terrific book. The hobbit in the story (Bilbo) characterizes us in our safe, luxurious life, untried by perils and adventures. But this story tells of when one such hobbit gets thrown into the midst of wild adventures, risking his life time and again to help his friends.

One of the story’s titles, “There and back again”, nearly sums it up. This is a cheerful Continue reading