Prince Caspian: The Disney Movie Review

  Okay, now for the movie. This will be more of a comparison of the book to the movie (or vice versa). The movie is, well…it seems the producers/writers wanted to spice it up. The book is more or less straight to the point.
The main reason I like the movie so much better than the book is because they added more adventure (while still keeping close to the main idea). And if you know me well, you must know I love books/movies with capture, escape, battles, espionage,etc.
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Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

   Book number four! I recently watched the movie again as well, so I’m quite prepared.
I think I shall separate my book review from the movie review this time, just to keep from confusing myself. 😉
For those of you who love this book, forgive me, but I actually like the movie better. And, if you’re wondering, the movie does not follow the book very well at all. Maybe the outline..a very faint outline.
Brief summary:
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