Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

Forgive this bland book cover image, but I couldn’t find one that truly did the book justice, thus I was forced to choose this one. :/ Such dismal thoughts aside, Jo got this from a friend and, before she had a chance to read it, I devoured it. 😀

Sabatini has officially made it to my list of top five favorite authors. I marvel at the way he managed to weave politics, not-so mushy romance and adventure into this 300+ page book and still make it palatable to the reader.

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My Grandma

This year started out rather sad for my family. My grandma (my dad’s mom), Connie Mae Snow Edwards passed away on January 3rd- a dismal beginning for the New Year. She lived for 81 years (2/15/1937- 1/3/2019), brightening this world with her beautiful smile and kind words. She was married for 60 years to my grandpa, Floyd Leroy Edwards, and they had two children: my uncle, Bruce, and my dad, Troy.

I decided to post something I wrote this morning as I sat contemplating Grandma’s life and how much she meant to me….

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