The Trampling of the Lilies by Rafael Sabatini

Ciel preserve us! What a ride- up, down, and all around! This is one of Sabatini’s first books and one he said he never wanted any one to read. Disregarding such wishes, I read it anyway.

This is going to be a bit different than how I normally write reviews so bear with me. I decided to do a book summary instead of the plot, and my thoughts on it rather than point by point what I liked/disliked. Brief summary:

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The Carolinian by Rafael Sabatini

I’m sorry, guys, I’m in a read-anything-but-the-book-you-should-be-reading (i.e. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) mood. So I read another Sabatini novel. :/

 This particular novel is about another revolution: the American Revolution. Whilst Scaramouche was filled to overflowing with wit, this book is more…..adventurous, and  maybe just a tad more emotionally involved. Continue reading