Because the Time is Near by John MacArthur

I borrowed this book a couple of months after meeting John MacArthur (he is an amazing speaker and servant of God).  I had just begun an in-depth study of Revelation for my daily Bible time and was really quite pleased to find this book. I have now officially finished my study (three months later!) and am duly here to report how it fared.

Points to Ponder:

#1. First, John MacArthur’s book is so packed full of information that it’s hard Continue reading

Grace Abounding by John Bunyan

I first read this book a few months after I was saved in 2005 and recently revisited it listening to the audiobook version. To be honest, after the first three chapters, I found myself reliving some of the initial feelings and inner battles that waged inside of me after I was saved. As a matter of fact the first 7 chapters of this book are his personal diary of the inner wrestling that bunyan had undergone for several years.
Here are a few highlights that I thought were notable and profound:

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