Answers for Women Conference

The reason I haven’t been doing reviews lately is because I’ve been traveling and will be traveling the better part of this month. So just a short explanation as to why I’ve been rather negligent of my reading and reviewing. 🙂 And since I’m already on here I figured I’d add some pictures.  Bright Lights (a young ladies’ discipleship ministry based out of Iowa) had a booth at the Answers For Women conference and invited some of the leaders to come along. Jo and I were elated and eagerly accepted the invite. So on the 4th of April Emily, Nickie, Karen, 

Sarah (Bright Lights founder), Jo, Abilene, Shelby, Abby (not pictured) and I left Iowa and headed to Kentucky.

Once we got to the Answers Center (next to the Ark Encounter) we set up the Bright Lights booth. Well, technically Sarah, Nickie, Emily and Shelby set up the booth- Abby, Jo, Abilene, Karen and I were trained on how to use ipad and square for registration the next day. Sarah and Nickie were taking care of the booth and the rest of us were volunteering for the conference (i.e., wherever there was extra help needed we could be there).Then we went out for supper at Bean’s Cafe. 🙂 The next morning started quite early and we began the day greeting people and opening packages for the kitchen staff. Shelby seemed quite up to the task. 😉 Later Abby, Jo, Karen and myself spent a good part of the day cutting tomatoes for the lunch the next day (lesson of the day: you need about 5 tubs of tomatoes for 700 attendees).That night we left rather late and got to see the Ark lit up. It was absolutely mesmerizing- you wouldn’t believe how fast everyone got there phones out. ;DSaturday morning dawned bright and early, and Jo, Abby, Abilene, Emily and I went right to work helping in the kitchen. The Chef and his daughter, Kirsten were awesome. These are the carrot cake and mousse desserts we got to put together.These are the fruit bowls Abby and Jo helped with.The lunch turned out quite well, all things considered. Though there was a moment of panic a few minutes before the lunch. There weren’t enough tomatoes cut and Chef called an All Hands On Deck (where Everyone from every department has to help). So it got a tad chaotic. But I loved it.That evening Ken Ham gave us a tour of the top of the Ark (somehow Mr. Lalo fixed that up for us). It was so beautiful.Only Emily dared to hold her phone over the edge to take a picture. I was afraid I’d drop my phone.I also got to meet June Hunt- one of my grandma’s favorite speakers. She is so sweet and very funny. xDThe next day we headed home- exhausted, happy, and abundantly blessed. And Sarah sold every copy but one of her new book!

Anywho, I left alot out but hopefully you got the gist of it. In May I shall try to bring you up to date on what else is happening this month.


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