Because the Time is Near by John MacArthur

I borrowed this book a couple of months after meeting John MacArthur (he is an amazing speaker and servant of God).  I had just begun an in-depth study of Revelation for my daily Bible time and was really quite pleased to find this book. I have now officially finished my study (three months later!) and am duly here to report how it fared.

Points to Ponder:

#1. First, John MacArthur’s book is so packed full of information that it’s hard

to read more than a few pages at a time and still be able to retain it all (which is why it took me three months to read).

#2. He explains it all verse by verse and yet still keeps it all in context.

#3. I was glad that he took time to present each group’s (exempli gratia; pre, mid, post) stance on a given subject and then proceed to explain why one makes more sense/is more biblically sound than the others.

#4. In the first few chapters he unfolds the history of the seven churches’ cities. That was amazing! Without this I may have never learned the history of the Pergamenes and how they tried to build a library to rival that of Alexandria. Creating a tension between Egypt and themselves to the point where Egypt would no longer sell them papyrus. So the Pergamenes resorted to making their own version. Thus creating parchment. Truly intriguing.

#5. Referencing scriptures in the Old Testament that correlates with those in Revelations.

#6. The emphasis on reaching out to unbelievers with the gospel.

If you ever need a book to study Revelation with, this is it. I give it five books for a well-constructed and researched book. Enjoy!

Ps. I thought I’d throw in the picture of us with John MacArthur. 🙂

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