By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Tricia Goyer

  I really should have guessed by the title that this book would be gushy. But you know the saying,”don’t judge a book by its cover.” As a forewarning, I do not like gushy, mushy books. In consequence this review isn’t gonna be all that nice.
This is supposed to be a historical novel of the Titanic for young people, yet it’s more of a romance (don’t awaken love before its time). I shall try to be short and to the point.
Reasons I like it:
#1. Quentin is an awesome name-I don’t know why, but I really like that name.
#2. Damian’s way of ‘saving’ his brother is drastic to say the least, and I liked Quentin’s apology.
#3. The author did a good job wording and setting scenes.

  I can only give it 2 books, it just wasn’t my type.
Here are my reasons for not liking it:
#1. Quentin’s story about his mother is, how shall we say, sorta far fetched.
#2. Amelia, dear girl that she is, just doesn’t seem to fit in the time frame.
#3. Damian. Wow. He really did not like Quentin-at all. He may have thought he was being kind to his father by hiding his brother’s whereabouts….but, I think we know better.
#4. The whole mail-order-bride scenario also threw me off.
That’s all I’ll say for this book. Adios!

I bought this book thinking it would be an interesting account of the sinking of the Titanic. I was sorely disappointed when I read it.

  I am not into mushy gushy novels, but I do love historical fiction.
This, however, was more of a romance.
 I liked it for a few reasons:
Quentin had an awesome name (I wasn’t so fond of Damien’s name.).
Quentin’s apology was excellent and heart felt.
It was a very well worded and set book.
I disliked it for many reasons:
It was mushy gushy.
The bit of a, as Gladys said, far fetched story about Quentin’s mother.
The hide and seek that seemed to go on between Quentin, Damien, and their Father.
The fact that Mr.                    entirely went back on his promise to Amelia. When you make a promise like that to a woman, you keep it!  I understand that neither of them loved each other. But he was foolish enough to offer, Amelia was foolish enough to accept and, before she arrived, both had already given their hearts to someone else!
The fact that one of the brothers don’t survive. 🙁
Goyer just doesn’t  endear you to the characters.
And last of all, romance novels are just not my type of book.
If you are into romance and enjoy that kind of book,then this is your book.
If not, then don’t waste your time.I can only give it two books.

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