Camp Appanoose

Camp Appanoose

Yay! I am officially home, after spending two and a half months at different camps throughout the summer. Back to normal (ish) life. 🙂 I worked at Camp Appanoose in Plano, IA this summer as a counselor. That came about in an unusual way. The last week in April, while I was helping with some conferences, I got a random text asking me if I’d like to counsel at a camp…. I suddenly remembered that I had told a friend (she writes for the book treasure) that she could send my number to someone for something to that extent. I hadn’t really expected anything to come of it. Through alot of prayer and talks with my parents, the next week I decided to apply. And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

About a week before camp was to begin I decided maybe God didn’t want me to go. That day I got a call asking me to come down to sign papers and tour the camp.

From left to right: Tressa, Matt, Bri, Pat, Hannah, Wade, Mike, Kaleb, Caleb, and myself.

June 2nd (a Sunday) I said farewell to my church family and we drove the 4 hours down to Plano where I bid adieu to my family.

That night I officially met most of the staff- Pat, Cynthia, Caleb, Kaleb, Matt, Mike, Tressa, and Hannah.

Pat is the Camp director and keeps things up and running.

Cynthia, his sister, takes care of the paperwork and is as sweet as can be.

A staff picture on the dock- Wade’s face was priceless when it started sinking.

Matt, the oldest of the counselors, was definitely the most responsible of the group. If there was something that needed done, He’d would do it.

Hannah comes next. She loves pets, and since she had to work at a pet store she only got to work as a counselor for a couple of weeks. She never gives up- she made it through an entire week of counseling with a raging headache.

Something interesting happened to this photo.

Tressa was the Camp Program Coordinator. She somehow kept track of everyone’s schedule, and one week she ran two entirely different camp programs simultaneously. She did amazing!!! She even helped counsel during a couple of weeks. She also really likes peanut butter.

The counselors going through the team building course to learn how to teach it during camp weeks.

Brianna. I actually met Bri at the Answering Athiests conference in April. I was quite surprised to discover that she would be at camp too. She and I became fast friends as we found we liked a lot of the same preachers, speakers and authors. She has an amazing voice.

Caleb did an awesome job as a counselor. He relates so well with the kids and yet knows when to be firm. He also narrates the game mafia quite superbly. He and my dad ended up talking for at least an hour about their favorite preachers, rap artists, etc.

Wade and myself

Wade, my brother, was quite the trooper himself. He had a few very interesting campers at one point, that made things (from a big sister’s view point) most humorous for him. He also loved climbing in the foliage during staff search (sorry, it’s an inside joke).

Kaleb, Bri’s little brother, somehow managed being a counselor whilst running half of the activities. He was also at the Answering Athiests conference. He apparently loves books, and we ended up having some interesting discussions concerning such.

Playing uno in the van on the way to church.

Mike is Pat’s son. He reminded me of my little brother, and he played a big part in helping me not feel so homesick. He somehow managed to take care of every odd job out there. He loves cars and, apparently, raisins (another inside joke).

Ray and Ladonna (Pat’s parents) are there as well. They are the sweetest people in the world and I’m so glad I got to meet them. They helped make camp a beautiful experience.

Ladonna and Ray

Sooo, there’s the staff. Now I shall prepare a post on some of the experiences there. 😀

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