Camp Life

A day at the lake

So, as I promised, I have prepared a post on camp experiences….. Two weeks of training, cleanup and Theology class followed my arrival. I was terribly homesick that first week and Miss Cynthia noticed. Three days after I arrived, Miss Cynthia and Mrs. Carroll showed up with my brother in tow- I was so very happy! Wade had been contemplating joining us and somehow Miss Cynthia brought it to fruition.

cleaning moss from the pond- a most intriguing job

One of my favorite memories from those two weeks was on a weekend when only Wade, Caleb, Tressa, Matt and I were there. Mr. Pat decided we should clean up some of the brush from the trails. It was a beautiful, overcast day, so we all piled onto the trailer armed with tree trimmers and clippers. Mr. Pat started the tractor and we began clearing the trails near the lake at a leisurely pace. We’d only been working at it for about 15 minutes when it began to sprinkle. Then rain. Then pour.

Us after our rainy drive

Once it began pouring Mr. Pat sped up and we abandoned all thought of clearing trails as lightning creased the sky. Racing through the trails we had to duck to avoid being slapped by branches (in fact, I accidentally hit Caleb in the face with a branch :/ ). Somehow it struck us as the most humorous thing to be driving in a thunderstorm on a tractor and we couldn’t stop laughing. Wade and Caleb got up and started singing, barely avoiding falling off when we’d abruptly slow down for branches. About ten minutes later we got back to camp right as the rain stopped, leaving us quite drenched and content.

cleaning brush from a storm

For the next six weeks we had camp each week. A normal camp week (normal is a relative term) ran from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. And a ‘normal’ camp day was from about 7 am to 10 pm.

Every day we had a new activity, ranging from paintball to football to staff search (speaking of which- that is not my favorite game).

A camper getting their paper signed during staff search

I also got to lead a Bible study with my campers each day. We had the most interesting discussions…. I never knew so many children had never heard Any (!) Bible stories.

One of the first days at camp

One of my favorite times each day was staff meeting where we discussed the schedule, shared hilarious stories, ate snacks, and prayed. Those meetings lent to many a quote for the quote book. XD

Some of my favorite memories from those weeks include:

Staff Search: a game in which my team and I walk in endless circles around hidden counselors (one in particular) and never find them. A circumstance repeated weekly. 😉

A weekend at the rodeo

Capture the flag on horseback: The most fun I’ve had in my life. Two teams on horseback, two flags, two socks in your pockets (if the other team gets one you’re in ‘jail’- the corral- for five minutes), and one jail keeper- the lovely Mrs. Kaella. I got to ride Cassidy, a sweet (fast) horse, and I was the captain for my team. Somehow (probably due to Kat’s amazing abilities) my team won four times. Cassidy ran me into a tree once, but otherwise I quite enjoyed it.

My birthday: Mike and I shared a birthday, which made things even more fun. My family sent me a huge package and the campers had quite a time trying to guess my age.

I wouldn’t wear the hat, so Mike had to 🙂

Mind games: Discovering the answers (whether on my own or through other means 😉 ) to such games as Grandma Loves Coffee and Hates Tea ;P , Black Friday, Good Oatmeal, To Slay a Dragon, The Umbrella, and how ‘to lose the game’. And then using them to keep my campers busy and, of course, teasing my family with them.

Bri and I somehow managed to dress alike- tennis shoes, jeans, gray shirts, sunglasses and all.

Another favorite was Filling Station (snack shack): I loved ‘taking orders’ and adding up the math. Though trying to keep up with what we had vs. what we were out of was a tad crazy.

Skit time at Big Sky stage

I didn’t really have too much time to read, but I did buy a few books. They have a wonderful bookstore in Centerville (where we did most of our weekend shopping). Wade tried to make sure we steered clear of it- I guess he’s been to too many bookstores with me before.


I learned oh so very much this summer, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity God gave me to share the gospel each week.

an after church activity- in Sunday best no less

Anywho, without making this too terribly long, there’s my 2 months of camp in a nutshell.

Now to tell you about Rocky High. 😀

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