Hunted and Harried by R. M. Ballantyne

I promised a review and here it is (albeit a tad late)! This is the first R. M. Ballantyne book I’ve read through, and it took me approximately three days with regular life and such. I must say though, compared to the writings of Henty, Ballantyne doesn’t hold a candle.

The reason I read this is because I was flipping through it and came across a spoiler. Thus I was forced to read it. 😉

The plot: With Charles Stuart (Charles

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Camp Life

A day at the lake

So, as I promised, I have prepared a post on camp experiences….. Two weeks of training, cleanup and Theology class followed my arrival. I was terribly homesick that first week and Miss Cynthia noticed. Three days after I arrived, Miss Cynthia and Mrs. Carroll showed up with my brother in tow- I was so very happy! Wade had been contemplating joining us and somehow Miss Cynthia brought it to fruition.

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Camp Appanoose

Camp Appanoose

Yay! I am officially home, after spending two and a half months at different camps throughout the summer. Back to normal (ish) life. 🙂 I worked at Camp Appanoose in Plano, IA this summer as a counselor. That came about in an unusual way. The last week in April, while I was helping with some conferences, I got a random text asking me if I’d like to counsel at a camp…. I suddenly remembered that I had told a friend (she writes for the book treasure) that she could send my number to someone for something to that extent. I hadn’t really expected anything to come of it. Through alot of prayer and talks with my parents, the next week I decided to apply. And waited.

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Because the Time is Near by John MacArthur

I borrowed this book a couple of months after meeting John MacArthur (he is an amazing speaker and servant of God).  I had just begun an in-depth study of Revelation for my daily Bible time and was really quite pleased to find this book. I have now officially finished my study (three months later!) and am duly here to report how it fared.

Points to Ponder:

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Grace Abounding by John Bunyan

I first read this book a few months after I was saved in 2005 and recently revisited it listening to the audiobook version. To be honest, after the first three chapters, I found myself reliving some of the initial feelings and inner battles that waged inside of me after I was saved. As a matter of fact the first 7 chapters of this book are his personal diary of the inner wrestling that bunyan had undergone for several years.
Here are a few highlights that I thought were notable and profound:

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The Trampling of the Lilies by Rafael Sabatini

Ciel preserve us! What a ride- up, down, and all around! This is one of Sabatini’s first books and one he said he never wanted any one to read. Disregarding such wishes, I read it anyway.

This is going to be a bit different than how I normally write reviews so bear with me. I decided to do a book summary instead of the plot, and my thoughts on it rather than point by point what I liked/disliked. Brief summary:

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The Carolinian by Rafael Sabatini

I’m sorry, guys, I’m in a read-anything-but-the-book-you-should-be-reading (i.e. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) mood. So I read another Sabatini novel. :/

 This particular novel is about another revolution: the American Revolution. Whilst Scaramouche was filled to overflowing with wit, this book is more…..adventurous, and  maybe just a tad more emotionally involved. Continue reading

Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

Forgive this bland book cover image, but I couldn’t find one that truly did the book justice, thus I was forced to choose this one. :/ Such dismal thoughts aside, Jo got this from a friend and, before she had a chance to read it, I devoured it. 😀

Sabatini has officially made it to my list of top five favorite authors. I marvel at the way he managed to weave politics, not-so mushy romance and adventure into this 300+ page book and still make it palatable to the reader.

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Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

   Book number four! I recently watched the movie again as well, so I’m quite prepared.
I think I shall separate my book review from the movie review this time, just to keep from confusing myself. 😉
For those of you who love this book, forgive me, but I actually like the movie better. And, if you’re wondering, the movie does not follow the book very well at all. Maybe the outline..a very faint outline.
Brief summary:
The four Pevensies have been called back to Continue reading