Colditz by Pat Reid

How to describe Colditz? Hysterical with a touch of sadness. How I loved it? Let me count the ways….
Sooo Colditz is the true story of P.O.W.s of several nationalities and their endeavors to escape their German captors.

Reasons I love it:

#1. Pat has an amazing writing ability. His words stream into sentences running fluidly into paragraphs that flow into chapters creating a mesmerizing movie in your head.

#2. It is a true story. True escape stories are my especial forte (laced with humour, what could be better?).

#3. Somehow Lulu Lawton reminded me of Captain lawton from The Spy and he became a favorite.

#4. The pranks the men played on their friends and their captors. I ended up reading this out loud (minus a few parts) to my siblings because it was so funny.

#5. Their ingenuity set me to thinking, “Now how would I have escaped?” 😉

#6. The Polish/English lessons. My goodness gracious, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve never taught a foreigner English, but I’ve taught reading, and that seems to amount to the same thing. And grammar….ooooh, grammar.

#7. The men never gave up. It was amazing. With every trial that pushed them back they just kept plodding ahead. The generation this day and age could certainly use a lesson or two in endurance, in my opine.

Unfortunately this only gets 4 1/2 books because….you guessed it- curse words. There are quite a few choice words in this book. But if you have a sharpie in hand, charge ahead, this book is worth reading.
Be forewarned though, don’t try to read it all in a day. You’ll get a side ache from laughing too hard. XD

Ps. It is rather graphic at times (most P.O.W. books are).

Ps. 2. I read both the Colditz Story and The Latter Days at Colditz. Thus this shall be my review for both, till I convince Jo to read the latter.


Colditz By P.R Reid

This is the story of Pat Reid and the British officers who were P.O.W’s kept in the castle Colditz in Germany from 1939  to 1942. Rather, this is the story of the many escape attempts made.
There are many books on WWII, but of all the books I’ve read on that topic, this one is by far the best!
There are a few flaws, though.
There are quite a few curse words. 🙁 Be sure to keep a pen handy when you read it.
There is a detailed description of a humorous trick the British military P.O.W’s played on the Navy in which the Navy is forced to strip off their clothing and have blue lice repellent painted on them.
When Pat and his friends are trying to escape,the only way to do so is to strip so they will fit through the narrow space.
(I would suggest pre-reading it if you plan to read it to younger children.)
So those are the flaws and here are the good points:
It is a true account, and an excellent read for learning more about WWII and the P.O.W.’s in Germany.
It is VERY humorous.( And I do like a good bit of humor in the books I read!)
I think my favorite part is the reading lesson an English officer gave a Polish soldier. I have felt like the poor English officer many a time. 😉
It has a happy ending (No one dies in the end!).

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