Corporal Cameron by Ralph Connor

    Have you ever read a book where you just wished that you could walk through the pages? I have too, several actually. There’s The Eagle, The Tucket series (mostly just to make Lottie stop talking), Moccasin Trail, Mara, If We Survive, Corporal Cameron, Captain Blood, and sooo many more. But, I can only write one review at a time… I will focus on Corporal Cameron.
Corporal Cameron begins in Scotland, landing you in the midst of a football game (technically, using American terms, hands on soccer- rugby). When almost winning the game Allan Cameron, one of the best on the team, funks (to use their quaint expression) and the game is lost. Allan really takes the loss to heart, and about that same time he is accused of forging a cheque. Despondent and desperate, he resolves to flee to Canada.
Canada, it seems, wasn’t all he had dreamed it would be…what with jobs, bosses, farm work, bootleggers, and Mounties. But he sticks with it, and in the end, it all comes out right. 🙂
Reasons I like this book:
#1. They speak in the Scottish vernacular. I c’nnae tell ye ‘ow challenging it was to read.
#2. Connor is really good at making you feel the emotions of the characters.
#3. Allan’s office experience is reminiscent of many a person’s.
#4.Allan is always willing to lend a hand and tries hard to keep his temper in check.
#5. When Allan is fighting Perkins and Perkins falls into the tub- that was probably my favorite part.
#6. Allan has a way with younger children.
#7. Mandy was sort of annoying to me throughout the book, but when she rescues Allan from the mob…I started to like her a bit more.
#8. Allan’s introduction to farm work and his disgust at the way life is lived/food is made is rather funny to read (ie, the hair in the butter, licking the cream spoon to dip it in the apples, the greasy face towel). Though I wholeheartedly agree with him.
#9. Going from being prisoner of Raven and Little Thunder to prisoner of the Mounties. Funny story actually; when I bought this book I accidentally flipped to the part where he is getting arrested (totally ruining the moment for me). So I read all 400 pages in one day just so I could get to that chapter and find out what happens without cheating (peeking in the pages ahead).
#10. Allan trying to warn the Indians was very brave but…he just needed to use logic (something I fear he was greatly lacking in) to know that he wouldn’t escape.
#11. The ending was just sweet. 🙂

Reasons for a four book rating:
#1. Bad words neatly sprinkled throughout the book.
#2. Mandy’s whole ‘I need no one’ speech (though she quickly rectifies that when Cameron is badly wounded).
#3. Perkins was just horrible.

Another reason I really like this book is because my grandpa on my Mom’s side is Scottish, which is really, really neat.
Anywho, enjoy!

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