Desperate Journey (1942) movie review

   Starring: Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan and Alan Hale (a most admirable cast in my opine).
I love the older movies where the actors created the movie rather than the green screens and movie magic. That’s not to say I don’t like Narnia or some (not all) of the Marvel movies, they’re just not as good as the golden oldies.
Another thing about the older movies, they don’t need an expletive every few seconds to spice up the dialogue. They could carry on a decent conversation without blaspheming to get the point across.

The Plot:
Sooo, it begins with Lt. Terry Forbes (Flynn) and his crew having to bomb a rail line in Germany. They (of course) get shot down and the surviving crew- Terry, Johnny Hammond (Ronald Reagan), Kirk Edwards (Alan Hale), Jed Forrest (Arthur Kennedy) and Lloyd Hollis (Ronald Sinclair)- are promptly caught by the Gestapo.
They are soon brought before Major Otto Baumeister (Raymond Massey) and he tries (and fails) to interrogate them. Knocking out a few guards, they make their escape, taking note of certain military bases and whatnot.
They end up ‘borrowing’ a few Nazi uniforms and board a train, making good use of the German accommodations. 😉 Inevitably they get caught again and somehow evade their captors.
Stuck in Germany, they decide to cause a ruckus behind the lines. But, while destroying a warehouse, one of their own gets shot and they have to find a doctor. The Gestapo shows up at the doctor’s and one of the crew dies (I shan’t reveal who).
Kaethe Brahms (Nancy Coleman) appears- I have yet to see a Flynn movie where there’s not a girl- and gives them the address of a safehouse.
They arrive at the safehouse and walk into an ambush. In the ensuing fast-paced moments yet another of the crew dies.
The remaining three manage to ‘borrow’ a car and hightail it, being chased by a Nazi entourage the whole way. In the end they get a plane, destroy a few useful military bases, and fly home.
That is the main gist of the of the movie. I tried to say as much as I could about it without giving it all away.

My Favorite Parts (cause you can’t have just one):
#1. Reagan and Flynn have an ongoing dialogue throughout the movie that is overly funny. It’s like a rivalry of sorts.
#2. Reagan is so nonchalant when he calls Flynn into the Major’s office (after knocking the Major out). Flynn’s face is priceless when he realizes the Major is out.
#3. The fights on the bridge (technically there are three).
#4. The interrogation scene. It was almost as if the Major was being interrogated.

One thing I didn’t like about the movie was that two of my favorite characters died.
The Best Quotes:
There are a lot of good quotes in this movie but here are my five favorites.
Lt. Terry Forbes: Well, this is the first time I ran out of gas with a couple of guys.
Flying Officer Johnny Howard: The iron fist has a glass jaw.

I’ve never seen a man so attached to his uniform.

Yes, daddy.
Kirk Edwards: Here comes my size now!

This gets five books from me. 🙂

So, you know the plot, leaving me with nothing to write about but what I liked in the movie. I hope it doesn’t turn out too boring. I tend to like the old classical black and white movies better than the newer movies that have come out recently (though not all black and whites are good, just to clarify).

One of my favorites, Desperate Journey is the one we chose to tell ya’ll a bit about. I really liked it because of its good wit and dry humor. That is something the movie producers of today could learn about. Now it’s all sobby drama in the movies. If there’s one thing we need less of in our lives, it’s drama.

I enjoyed watching their teamwork, friendly pokes of fun at each other, etc. The morals seen in the old movies are the ones we lack today. I also enjoyed watching one of our former presidents on the screen. He was one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. He had an excellent sense of humor.

It has a good ending. In my estimation, if it doesn’t have a good ending, it ain’t  worth watchin’!

That’s all for now.

This movie is good to watch without a clearplay filter. 🙂

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