Favorite Memes On Reading

  I found a bunch of memes that I thought were good descriptions of a bookworm’s life at times (leastways for me). I’ll try to include a short explanation as to why I like the meme and whatnot. I hope you enjoy them.

  1. So I do enjoy exercise, but I have to admit that this should account for something.

2. This is especially true for The Chronicles of Narnia– they left out soo much!

3. Totally me.

4. Thankfully I usually leave the book in the car. Usually…….

5. My exact dilemma at the moment.

6. I hate it when I do this. Then all I can think about is how I ruined the book.

7. It can get exasperating.

8. Too true. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

9. Precisely.

10. Why?

11. This is the point where you go to the basement to read.

12. I’m so grateful to have friends like this.

13. Indubitably.

14. Was it really necessary?

15. And then they leave you on a cliff-hanger till you get the next book.

16. Yep.

17. And then you start the sequel.

18. It seems like you’re reading in slow motion.

19. Too bad there’s not a never-ending book.

20. Khay, Walter, Willy, and so many more.

21. My family is sorta getting annoyed with me doing this during every book based movie.

22. And $1 book sale day worldwide.

23. Or perhaps the imagination doesn’t work.

24. Make the moment last as long as possible.

25. Or when the book is finally returned so you can borrow it.

26. Truth.

27. And yet people ask all the time.

28. And never breaks.

That’s all for now. I’m off to buy some more books to add to my to-read pile (jk). 😉



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