gods at war by Kyle Idleman

   Convicting, hilarious, on point, true; this book hits the nail on the head.
I began this book with some trepidation, cause Idleman’s bio (on the back of the book) begins with ‘pastor of the fourth largest church in America’. And when the author’s bio begins with boasting it normally goes downhill from there. Not so with gods at war. It flipped my world from me-focused to Jesus-focused.
Here’s how:
#1. Kyle begins with the 2nd commandment- the one everyone is sure they haven’t broken- and expounds it. An idol is ANYTHING you worship (worship=devotion. Devotion=time set apart for something.).
#2. Convicting! Oh, how convicting. Pointing out how we betray God every time we sin. If God is our true love, why are we dating the devil?
#3. It helps you get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms (overeating, pornography, laziness, anger, etc.). Say your outward symptom is worry, diagnosing the disease as a ‘need to control’. That need to control leads back to insecurity/staying in your comfort zone, which ultimately comes to the love of self. The idol of you.
#4. Satan is continually battling for the throne of your heart. That throne belongs to God and there is only room for one god (choose this day whom you will serve).
#5. Kyle uses hysterical stories to get the points across. The swimming pool story had me crying I was laughing so hard.
I give this book five books for telling the truth in the midst of a ‘create your own god’ world.
Please, please, please read this book. It is so worth it!

Ps. Here are some questions to help you find the idols in your life: what do you complain about? what disappoints you? where do you make financial sacrifices? what keeps you awake at night?

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