Little Britches by Ralph Moody

  One of the sweetest true family stories out there, Little Britches chronicles a young boy’s life as he moves out West with his family to a ranch.   Tornado’s, water-rights fights, picnics, school, and the hard work that molded him are colorfully told in the best style.
This is the first book in the series.
My reasons for liking this book are:

1. The strong morals his family had, and how the parents patiently taught their children from the Bible, and pointed them down the right path.

2. The setting out West around the turn of the century (1906). You learn history without it being difficult to follow or remember, as it was Ralph’s actual life.

3. The family’s love. They were human and didn’t always get along perfectly, but they loved each other without measure. The descriptions of picnics where the mother would read aloud to them after lunch, and the dad would go exploring with the boys among the rocks and creek, just thrilled me!

4. The characters. Cowboys, an Indian, the train conductors, sheriff, their neighbors.. all excellently portrayed.

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