Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

One of the greatest classics America has produced, Little Women is an endearing story of the coming of age for four girls. It starts off at Christmas time, with their Papa away at War, and Marmee working hard to keep her family going. The girls each show their strength and weaknesses in the first few chapters, and resolve to work hard to become the “little women” their papa calls them in his latest letter.
Enter a neighbor boy who is being raised by his gruff grandpa, his tutor, and a host of adventures.
Through each one the girls, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, learn. It makes you laugh, and cry, and I always find it deeply inspiring.

Things I love about it:

1. The girls-dainty, homemaker Meg, bouncy and vibrant Jo, quiet and loving Beth, and dreamy, aspiring Amy all wrap themselves into your heart. I love how close to each other they are, and their strong bond that withstands everything.

2. The scrapes Jo gets into-sometimes they are absolutely hilarious.

3. Laurie. Who couldn’t?

4. The post-war setting through much of the book. Also the New England countryside.<3

Things I don’t like:
Two people who are really meant to be a match, don’t-this aggravates three fourths of the readers however, so I am not alone.
Also while I adore Louisa May Alcott’s books, she has some odd point of views sometimes, and her way to resolve things isn’t always the way I feel it could have been rightly done.
But that could just be me.:) Don’t hesitate in picking up this book, it is a huge favorite of mine!

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