My Family

This is the best picture we could get where almost everyone is smiling (no one would stand still and everyone blinked at the wrong time). 🙂
Soooo, I realized I haven’t really told you guys much about myself or my family. Prepare to be amazed!
I happen to be in the second decade of life and the oldest of 10 children, not too young, not too old. 😉 I am an adopted daughter of the Lord, my Saviour. I have two wonderful, awesome, best in the world parents.

Just to clarify, that is my mom on the left (the one on the right is my aunt). Christine is my mom, she owns a sewing business and is an amazing stay-at-home mom.

R.A.D. is my dad, a computer genius and the only way this website got created. 🙂 I’m sure by now you will have realized we made up pen names for ourselves (something I’ve always wanted to do).

I’m on the left, J.O.Y. is on the right.
I am G.L.A.D.; I love to write books that probably won’t get published, read books, read about books, play with my cat, drink coffee, go on long walks at sunrise, and, most importantly, tell others about Jesus Christ.

J.O.Y. is my closest friend ever. We tell each other secrets, enjoy long walks together (well….technically I have to beg her to go on walks and practically drag her out the door, :/ especially if it’s more than a mile), share books, and ruin book plots for each other. Oh yeah, and she’s my sister. 😉

Wade and Nathaniel.
Wade is my little brother. I use the term ‘little’ very loosely as he is now 6′ 3″ (over 1/2 a foot taller than myself). He is slowly getting into reading (vvveeerrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy), is an avid fisherman, loves mario kart, and graduates next year.

Riley is my inventive brother. He can build anything from anything. He’s also a mechanic in the making.

Rose and Anne.
Rose is my twin separated by eight years. Literally, she seems almost a carbon copy- excepting that she loves to sew, me…not so much.

Levi comes next. He seems to be a typical 10 yr. old (as in he hates school and loves to play 🙂 ). He eagerly awaits summer break and dreads the mere mention of fall.
Anne (spelled with an e) is exactly like Anne of Green Gables, just with blonde hair and no freckles. She’s just as kindhearted and just as mischievous.

Randolph loves chocolate, as you can see here.
Randolph is my blonde-haired, blue-eyed brother. He loves to scare away fish for Wade, and helping out in the kitchen.

Anneliese is three years old and (to my unspeakable delight) can read and count. She too loves helping in the kitchen (whether her help is wanted or not 🙂 ).
Nathaniel is the latest addition to our family with a smile that could melt a heart of….iron? What metaphor works here? Butter? Yes, let’s go with butter. 🙂 Okay, anyway- he’s cute as a bug’s ear!
That’s my family. 🙂
We also have friends who post reviews on this site. Something we are soooo grateful for!
Au Revoir!


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