My Grandma

This year started out rather sad for my family. My grandma (my dad’s mom), Connie Mae Snow Edwards passed away on January 3rd- a dismal beginning for the New Year. She lived for 81 years (2/15/1937- 1/3/2019), brightening this world with her beautiful smile and kind words. She was married for 60 years to my grandpa, Floyd Leroy Edwards, and they had two children: my uncle, Bruce, and my dad, Troy.

I decided to post something I wrote this morning as I sat contemplating Grandma’s life and how much she meant to me….

As I sit here at the old corner table in Grandma’s dining room, memories of her cascade through my mind…

Of helping her pin up laundry outside on the clothes line, perhaps hindering more than helping. 🙂

How she hated it when dad and grandpa would get into ‘religious debates’. She would always say ‘there they go again’ and laugh helplessly. I would love to be able to hear her say ‘well’ in that thoughtful way just one more time….

Her letters were always so full, she would cut out newspaper comics and send them with every letter. Her letters were filled with gossip, ‘Kari (my cousin) is married now, or ‘Austin (my cousin) still won’t cut his hair’.

Somehow she made every birthday beautiful, the cake always had that one piece that she had put a quarter in. And even if it wasn’t your birthday, she still made you feel important.

I loved her tacos, mmmh, they were so good. Perhaps because she never put beans in it. 😉 She is also the reason I have such a weakness for Ramen noodles. Every single Sunday after church she would cook a huge pot of noodles and we’d enjoy that with a canister of Pringles.

Her patience with Grandpa was so funny to watch. I remember one time when she told him that she was going to bed. He, being deaf, yelled back, ‘I already did the dishes!’. She just laughed and shook her head.

She loved her dogs, the only three I can remember are Brownie, Zoey and Sam. She loved taking care of them.

She loved spearmint gum, I can’t recollect a time she wasn’t chewing gum. Perhaps that’s where I got my gum loving habits from. 😉 And chocolate, she always had chocolate.

She didn’t have favorites- she loved us all the same.

Whenever she was about to get angry somehow she would find the humor in the situation and laughed instead.

Sleepovers at her house were always fun. She would divulge embarrassing stories of herself and her sons. I remember when she and Austin contrived to teach me how to play dominoes- that did not go as planned.

Her calendar was constantly full- nearly every day was marked. Not by appointments, but with birthdays and anniversaries. She worked so hard not to forget anyone.

Down here in the South there is the traditional ‘Grandpa’s chair’ which no one may touch lest they die. 😉 And there is the ‘Grandma’s chair’ where everyone could sit, but when they saw grandma coming they would move immediately out of love and respect. It’s so different to see that chair empty. The hall closet she always kept stocked with gifts year ’round, and would save cereal boxes and cracker tins to wrap them in. Often she would wrap something when she bought it, forget what it was and have to unwrap it to figure out who to give it to.

She listened attentively to anything you said. Whether you were talking about how to eat a pringle or how to knit a certain pattern, she gave you her undivided attention.

If you ever read about grandma Nan and grandma Sal, she was more like grandma Sal. 🙂

Despite Dad’s and uncle Bruce’s continual admittance to mischief when younger, she always said they were the best boys a mom could have. I remember on my last visit to the hospital…she was in a sleep of sorts, she couldn’t talk or move, but when I told her what dad and my uncle were like now, she raised her eyebrows and smiled.

What a barrier death creates… is like a chasm that every person is building a bridge across. But what happens when you cross that chasm? When you reach the end? To quote my favorite tract ‘what if?’ What if there really is a Heaven and a Hell? What if God really did send His Son to die for the sins you have committed? What if lying, stealing, and hating are sins? What if Christ rose again? It’s a pretty big gamble, when you think about it……………

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