Omaha Conferences

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get to this! Late last month Bright Lights did three conferences in Omaha, NE. A Strong in the Lord Conference, a Radiant Purity Conference, and their first ever Stand Fast Men’s Conference.

Mr. Mally and Mrs. Mally drove Grace, Leah, Laurie and myself to Omaha in the Mally’s big van.

The first day we busied ourselves unpacking the trailer and partially setting up in the church. Then we headed over to the parsonage where we’d be sleeping to find the sweetest surprise: Emily’s Bright Lights group had put together a huge basket of essentials (germ-x, tissue, lip balm, etc.), a bag of decorated notebooks and notecards, a huge container of chocolate (milk, dark, white, peanut butter 🙂 ), and a basket of snacks! 

I got to co-lead with Hannah for our Strong in the Lord small group. We had 7 and 8 year-olds. They were soo sweet and attentive!

One unique thing that happened at the Strong in the Lord conference was during the ‘Brownie’ skit. The ‘Brownie’ skit consists of two horses (two people, a sheet, and a stick horse) and two cowgirls, and the two horses are going to have a race. There’s the ‘bad’ horse, Brownie (who won’t listen to his owner and keeps hiding), and the ‘good’ horse, Strawberry. Anywho, whilst the cowgirl was searching for her horse (Brownie) and finally found him, she gave his bridle a jerk and the poor stick horse head went rolling across the stage floor. Unfortunately I didn’t catch it on camera as I was part of the other horse. But listening to the laughter- it must have been pretty funny. In fact, Strawberry was having difficulties NOT laughing. XD

After the SitL conference we spent the next day quite pleasantly… Bible study in the morning, coffee shop in the afternoon, and dinner at the Selander’s that evening.


The next day began the Radiant Purity conference.

Here is one of Sarah’s chalk drawings during the Radiant Purity conference. 






Ellen and I got to be co-leaders of our Radiant Purity small group. 😀

I got to make several new friends on this trip and enjoyed every bit of it (yes, Leah, even the dog ;P )! I got to draw closer to friends, learned quite a bit about setting up for a conference, and was challenged to grow in my faith in so many ways. I’m so grateful I got to go on this trip!

That’s all for now, hopefully I can get back to reviewing books by August ( our summer is looking quite busy!).

Bye for now!

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