One Generation Away – Movie Review

  We watched “One Generation Away” as a family for the purpose of learning more about the state of our country’s religious liberty (even though it came out in 2015, under the reign of Barack Obama). This movie is a documentary that outlines attacks on religious liberty in the United States, past, present and foreseeable future. I found that this really is a revealing battle between the secular humanism that has been nurtured for decades in our classrooms and the now faint pulse of Biblical roots that started this country.   Sadly our elected officials usually take the side of the former with disgusting results. I found myself talking to the TV (secular humanists on screen at times-thanks Dan Barker) and at other times feeling sick to my stomach. There are a number of people you may recognize giving commentary on a particular issue. I knew some of them, but others I didn’t recognize. You could tell which side of the fence they were on though. So, here is a brief list of things I liked vs. the things I didn’t like.


  1. The level-headed, well thought out answers to each issue.
  2. Russell Moore, Voddie Baucham, Ronald Reagan, FRC, ADF.
  3. Exposing the attacks from secular humanists (The media doesn’t).
  4. The call to revival at the end.
  5. Correctly addressing the hypocrisy of over-powered officials that aren’t representing the constitution.
  6. Remembering the state of the church in Germany before Hitler took power, and it brings to our attention the lethargic state of the church today.


  1. Ecumenism.
  2. I was expecting a Biblical response from some “conservative” leaders and had to keep pausing the movie to correct them.
  3. The solution to our problem wasn’t clearly explained.
  4. Where’s the beef? (scripture?)

It is frightening to see our country attacked and Christians bullied by a secular humanist society. We miss hearing a logical, right Biblical response in our media, the church, government, leaders and our families. Sadly though, those days are gone (maybe). What is missing in this country today isn’t Christians/Catholics/Jews/Muslims linking arms to combat the secular humanism.

The answer for this country and every other one in this world and the one that wasn’t clearly given in this movie was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By Faith Alone, By Grace Alone, By Scripture Alone, Through Christ Alone and for His Glory Alone. The message that you broke God’s law, but Jesus paid your fine. That on the cross Jesus died for your sins and rose from the grave defeating death 3 days later. That anyone (secular humanist included) who repents and puts their trust in Christ can be forgiven of their sins and given everlasting life, a new heart and adopted as a son of God.

That is what this dying world needs… the early church started this way and turned the world right side up. That is what they should have emphasized in the movie. That’s why I can only give this 3 1/2 books.

For the Gospel go here.



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