Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

Forgive this bland book cover image, but I couldn’t find one that truly did the book justice, thus I was forced to choose this one. :/ Such dismal thoughts aside, Jo got this from a friend and, before she had a chance to read it, I devoured it. 😀

Sabatini has officially made it to my list of top five favorite authors. I marvel at the way he managed to weave politics, not-so mushy romance and adventure into this 300+ page book and still make it palatable to the reader.

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My Grandma

This year started out rather sad for my family. My grandma (my dad’s mom), Connie Mae Snow Edwards passed away on January 3rd- a dismal beginning for the New Year. She lived for 81 years (2/15/1937- 1/3/2019), brightening this world with her beautiful smile and kind words. She was married for 60 years to my grandpa, Floyd Leroy Edwards, and they had two children: my uncle, Bruce, and my dad, Troy.

I decided to post something I wrote this morning as I sat contemplating Grandma’s life and how much she meant to me….

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Thoughts on Freedom

This post is for the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day and the entrance of America into World War Two. To honor all those who bravely fought to retain our freedom from tyranny. 

  I love reading history and seeing how our freedoms have been preserved to make America one of the greatest nations on earth. One of my favorite things (aside from reading and talking) is to ask questions. Questions that cause contemplation, create curiosity, and fill one with longing for logicality.

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Prince Caspian: The Disney Movie Review

  Okay, now for the movie. This will be more of a comparison of the book to the movie (or vice versa). The movie is, well…it seems the producers/writers wanted to spice it up. The book is more or less straight to the point.
The main reason I like the movie so much better than the book is because they added more adventure (while still keeping close to the main idea). And if you know me well, you must know I love books/movies with capture, escape, battles, espionage,etc.
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Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

   Book number four! I recently watched the movie again as well, so I’m quite prepared.
I think I shall separate my book review from the movie review this time, just to keep from confusing myself. 😉
For those of you who love this book, forgive me, but I actually like the movie better. And, if you’re wondering, the movie does not follow the book very well at all. Maybe the outline..a very faint outline.
Brief summary:
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Tactics by Greg Koukl – Book Review

Well, I just finished the book Tactics by Greg Koukl and, I have to say, it was like drinking out of a fire hydrant. It really is a concise, accurate and exhaustible resource for any believer engaging the world today. I enjoyed listening to this book, but a part of me feels as if I need to read it a few times as well. The reason I say that is because there is just so much information packed into this book. As the title suggests, this is a battle plan that can be employed in defending your faith. The purpose of this book is to enable you to earnestly contend for the faith. Continue reading

The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis

  And we are now officially to my favorite Narnia book ever. yay!
After getting back from an encouraging and fun-filled conference at the Creation Museum, what could be better than enjoying a cool fall day writing a book review on one of your favorite books? Nothing, absolutely nothing (well, maybe a nice MLT*).
Here’s a brief summary:
This story takes place somewhere between the crowning of the four Pevensies and their return to Spare Oom. In South Calormen a Continue reading

More Memes For Book Lovers

   Hi, everyone! Sorry It’s taken me so long to post (again). I was going to do a book review before September is over, but time literally got away from me and I’ve only had time to reread half of The Horse And His Boy. So I was hoping another meme post would sorta make up for it (I’m trying to post at least once a month).
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