Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

   Book number four! I recently watched the movie again as well, so I’m quite prepared.
I think I shall separate my book review from the movie review this time, just to keep from confusing myself. 😉
For those of you who love this book, forgive me, but I actually like the movie better. And, if you’re wondering, the movie does not follow the book very well at all. Maybe the outline..a very faint outline.
Brief summary:
The four Pevensies have been called back to Narnia via Susan’s horn. Centuries have passed since the Pevensies reigned and Narnia is not as it used to be. The Telmarines invaded, Cair Paravel is gone, and Narnians are extinct. Or thought to be extinct…until a certain Telmarine prince discovers that his father was murdered and that he’s next. Through his escape he finds that Narnians are still alive and, with the Pevensies help, he plans to take back his kingdom and restore Narnia.

Why I like it:
#1. Wit! I just love the way C.S. Lewis writes. Sometimes first person, sometimes third..and almost always filled with humour and a good lesson.
#2. Trumpkin. He reminds me of a modern day athiest. Throughout the first two-thirds of the book he doesn’t believe in lions- until he meets Aslan. Plus, they meet at Aslan’s How (calvary).
#3. Trufflehunter. He was just so sweet.
#4. Bear. He kept having to be told to take his paw out of his mouth. Trumpkin seemed quite cynical on that point.
#5. Edmund. He kept building Lucy up, and I love the last sentence in the book. 😉
#6. The fencing match and shooting contest between the Pevensies and Trumpkin. You would’ve thought he’d learnt his lesson by now.

What I didn’t like:
#1. Nikabrik. He was so mean. It makes sense that he was for the witch.
#2. Miraz. Not only was he treacherous but he seemed to surround himself with treacherous men. The whole dual-turned-battle at the end, ergh, I knew it was going too well.

I’m sorry this is so short, but I have so much more to say about the movie, and I can’t say more without repeating myself in the next post. :/
All that to say, in order to fully comprehend the next book you must needs read this one (I know, I know, that’s horrible grammar). I’d recommend it to anyone over 10, or as a read-aloud for any age as long as you skip some of the erm…goryish parts.
I give 5 books for wholesome and humour filled entertainment.

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