Prince Caspian: The Disney Movie Review

  Okay, now for the movie. This will be more of a comparison of the book to the movie (or vice versa). The movie is, well…it seems the producers/writers wanted to spice it up. The book is more or less straight to the point.
The main reason I like the movie so much better than the book is because they added more adventure (while still keeping close to the main idea). And if you know me well, you must know I love books/movies with capture, escape, battles, espionage,etc.
Movie summary:
Since the Pevensies left Narnia, centuries have passed and Narnia is now under Telmarine rule. Cair Paravel is in ruins, Narnians are fairy tales, and treachery abounds.
When Prince Caspian’s uncle and reigning regent is finally provided an heir he decides to murder Caspian. Miraculously, Caspian escapes to the woods and there discovers that Narnians do exist…and they’re none too happy to see him.
Meanwhile, a year has passed in our time and the Pevensies are off to school. Until suddenly, they’re not. Called back to Narnia the Pevensies must find Caspian and help him gain back his kingdom.

Why I like it:
#1. Once again, they added so much more wit to the movie.
#2. Reepicheep. The whole mouse fight scene where Caspian meets Reep never happened in the book but it’s one of my favorites. Especially Caspian’s ‘last words’. Another favorite is when he ties up the cat.
#3. Trumpkin. The part where Susan shoots the guard and they drop him into the water. While it didn’t happen in the book I think it helped to explain his attitude. 🙂
#4. Caspian. Caspian seems alot older in the movie than the book. Such thoughts aside, the actor they chose for the role quite fit what I had imagined. I also like that he had enough self-control not to kill his uncle.
#5. Edmund. Again. It was as though he truly learned his lesson from the last trip to Narnia. I was so glad when he broke the witch’s glass/ice thingy I could’ve cheered. Oh, and his needless reminders at the worst possible times (e.g. um, we are kids).
#6. The duel.
#7. The Stone Table, I’m so glad they included that.
#8. No bad words!

What I didn’t like:
#1. Nikabrik. Of course, I suppose that’s a given.
#2. Peter’s pride and how he wouldn’t accept help or condescend to admit his wrongs.
#3. The whole romance thing. As Snoopy would say, Bleh!
#4. The calling up of the White Witch. We normally just skip the incantations part. The hag is pretty creepy for younger ones.
#5. Susan could use a better dress near the end.

What’s not in the book (for the purists who can’t stand it when a movie strays from a book):
-Mushy, gushy romance between Caspian and Susan.
-Reep’s meeting with Caspian.
-Trumpkin’s trial.
-Peter’s being such a jerk through it all.
-The whole scorcery/witchcraft scene.
-The raid on the castle.
I’m sure I missed some things, but that’s all I can remember right off hand.

I would give the movie 5 books (like I said, I really like it). I’d probably recommend it for 10-12 and up. It’s okay to watch without clearplay.

Quotable quotes:
Edmund: We are kids.

Trumpkin: I am a grownup.

Caspian: You’re a mouse.

Squirrel: We can collect nuts.
Reepicheep: Yes, and throw them at the Temarines.

Lucy: Maybe you’ll need to call me?

Peter: Oh, well we can come back when we’re older.

I’ll include the trailer at the bottom.

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