Rebel Spurs by Andre Norton

   This is the sequel to Ride Proud, Rebel! and my personal favorite of the two. Rebel Spurs is set right after the Civil War has ended and all the soldiers are headed home.

Drew thought his father dead until a year before, when a thoughtful aunt disclosed the truth.
So he heads off to Arizona with Shiloh (his horse; just to clarify). Arriving in Arizona he is shocked beyond reason by many things: his father has another son, a certain someone is still alive, and the Civil War isn’t considered over by some bitter veterans.
Reasons as to why I like it:
#1. Action and emotion! The first book just wasn’t as personal/emotional as I would have liked.
#2. You really get drawn into the story. It’s like a movie in your mind (as long as your imagination works).
#3. Drew continually wants to ‘throw in the towel'(to use that quaint expression). His ‘cousin’ has an uncanny ability of helping him to ‘keep a’ goin’.
#4. Drew ends up in jail and, since I don’t want to spoil the story, I won’t say if or how he escapes.
#5. Johnny’s adoption story is intriguing, as is his reasoning for stupidity.
#6. The hostage situation is fastpaced ( something I rather enjoy) and proves just how selfish Johnny really is.
#7. The ending is very sweet.
#8. Drew stands up for others.
#9. No girly mushiness.
#10. They mention Le Comte De Monte Cristo, a book I’m quite fond of.
This review was very hard for me to write without spoiling the whole story for you. I give the book 4 books for managing to get forgiveness, true friendship, excitement, capture, escape, betrayal, and love (familial) all into one book without having to add girls, kissing and whatnot– something the newer authors seem to have trouble doing. (Was that not the best run on you’ve ever read or what?).
Now for the negative:
#1. Curse words- I believe there’s at least one.
#2. Drew throws alot of grownup fits. Maybe because he’s afraid his dad won’t accept him, but still….you can’t get much done with that mindset.
#3. Drew is impulsive. At least he thought things through in the last book. But this time he seems to have lost his horse sense (so to speak).
All for now. Hope you enjoy it.

  Okay, so as we said in our previous review about Ride Proud,Rebel! This book is a favorite of ours. It is really well done. Gladys always seems to point out everything about the book we review before I get a chance to say something (unless she by some chance happens to overlook something) so I suppose I will also share a few of my favorite points of the book, as well as the points I didn’t like.

So here we go:
 One thing I really appreciated about the book was how Drew stood up for others.
 I also liked how Drew responded to Johnny when Johnny tried to start a fight with him.
 I liked how Drew responded to the bitter civil war veterans.
 I enjoyed reading about Drew’s escape from jail.
 I really liked the ending. That was amazing.
 Having read the Count Of Monte Cristo, I was excited to read about Drew finding that book among others in the General Store.
So those are some good things I liked, here are the things I disliked:
 I believe that there are some curse words, unfortunately.
 Drew has a cup half empty attitude a lot of the time, and seems to always throw a fit when things don’t go the way he wants them to.
 Drew also seems to be, as Gladys mentioned, a bit more impulsive.
 I give it four books for a wonderfully well done story with an excellent ending.
Enjoy your adventure into pre 1900 Arizona!

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