Still Jesus – Music Review

  Shai Linne’s “Still Jesus” came at just the right time. Let me explain. I was saved in 2005 and heard the Biblical Gospel and it radically changed my view of the scriptures. My mind was irrevocably changed to appreciate and hold the scriptures high in my listening choices. The music I listened to (rap, hip-hop, 80s, 90s) were still in my memory, but I wanted my music to now reflect my beliefs and not condemn my conscience.   Enter Shai Linne. Believe it or not, alot of my theology was shaped by this man. I learned sooo much over the last decade. However, Shai left for a while to plant a church, get married and become a father. Before Still Jesus, his last album was made in 2014. In 2005 and on, you could find other artists like Lacrae, Tedashii, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, etc. that started off with Biblically sound, clear lyrical presentations in their music. But a shift occurred in 2012 in Christian Hip-Hop. Some of the artists with Reach Records and 116 started to change the way they were doing their music and even started to link/join with secular artists. Some of the music wasn’t clear anymore; babbling, confusing, unclear and boastful music was becoming more prevalent. I could tell something was up, just couldn’t put my finger on it. Shai Linne put his finger on it though, in Still Jesus. I love this Album. He put into words everything I was wanting to say. He really gave a needed rebuke to Christian Hip Hop. He even dedicated an entire track for Paul Washer’s address to the Christian Hip Hop artists from the beginning. So, here’s my quick review of Still Jesus.

Explanation Tracks:

  • Ichibod = Means “the glory of God has departed”.. just like when your music style is louder than your message. Unfortunately the latest Christian Hip Hop tend is just that.
  • Stand Up = A call to the 7000 (the ones that are intentional about lifting Jesus up in the message).
  • Turn it Off = The standard should be proclaiming the Gospel, not style/art… if your standards are as fickle as the new message… turn it off.
  • One Day = Wake up call, time catches up to you, no matter who you are.
  • Random Thoughts 3 = Where he’s been, why he wrote the album.
  • Washer’s Warning = Oh boy, I wonder if Christian Hip Hop is listening?

Analogous/humorous Tracks:

  • I’m Hot = Bragging stops at the Cross.
  • MC Goya = Bragging exemplified.

Worship/lyrical skill Tracks:

  • Supreme = Awesome Track, theologically sound.
  • Lord of All = A God glorifying journey into his attributes and theology.
  • Immutable = God never changes… I really like this song.
  • Startling Mystery = My Favorite Track, The Awe of God.
  • One Day (Reprise) = An extension to One Day.

Go here to view the lyrics to each song and see for yourself.

I really appreciated this album and would recommend this and his other albums at lampmode recordings. As I get older I am becoming aware that I need the Lord more and more everyday and none of us are above rebuke. (As a matter of fact, you can even hear some of the CHH artist’s earlier albums even calling for friends to call them to repentance if they go astray. ) So, go out to youtube and search for “Still Jesus” and listen to it yourself, you won’t be disappointed. I give this 4.5 out of 5 books.

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