Tactics by Greg Koukl – Book Review

Well, I just finished the book Tactics by Greg Koukl and, I have to say, it was like drinking out of a fire hydrant. It really is a concise, accurate and exhaustible resource for any believer engaging the world today. I enjoyed listening to this book, but a part of me feels as if I need to read it a few times as well. The reason I say that is because there is just so much information packed into this book. As the title suggests, this is a battle plan that can be employed in defending your faith. The purpose of this book is to enable you to earnestly contend for the faith.

Jude 3:3 – Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

He makes use of the analogy that if somebody throws ‘down the gauntlet’, you should be willing to pick it up and then defend your faith. This book would be great for a study group, evangelism training or even in a homeschool environment. He uses a lot of great examples of beliefs, arguments and fallacies. He goes step-by-step through each argument and why it’s wrong and then poses a solution for properly addressing it. Here are a few things that I like about this book:

#1. The Columbo method. If you remember the old TV show ‘Columbo’, Koukl emulates a great method of dealing with attacks by simply asking questions like Columbo did. This method is hands-down the easiest and most memorable way to defend your faith.

#2. The gracious, kind and gentle way of dealing with each person. Becoming a diplomat and an ambassador for Jesus Christ.

#3. Koukl clearly states that many arguments are like the emperor that has no clothes or like a house with no walls.

#4. He lays out a ‘bullet point’ list at the end of each chapter for easy reference.

#5. ‘Be prepared’ is the name of the game here. Greg Koukl is like an apologetics Batman. I know it sounds funny, but just look him up on youtube when he’s talking to folks. He’s ready.

#6. I was challenged/encouraged to be bold when sharing my faith as well as to be looking for opportunities to share.

#7. He states that debate is important to the health of the church and helps to navigate what a person believes.

#8 I like his exhortation for Christians to start thinking more when it comes to important issues and topics.

#9. He makes it clear that the conscience is our ally in any encounter and that the Gospel is the reason why we engage in discussions.

#10. God works through believers and our job is to sow. Koukl says that he just wants to put a pebble in the shoe of someone, so they will think about the issue.

I felt convicted after listening to this and I am intent on going back and revisiting this book a few times. Greg Koukl hosts a radio show, speaks at conferences, is involved in debates, is a frequent contributor at “Stand to Reason” and is a great writer. I kept thinking “This chap has a very dizzying intellect” (Princess Bride Reference). He also uses stories from his own experiences to help solidify the topics in the book as well. I give it 5 books.

*Side Note: If you read this book I guarantee you will want to read it or reference it again. The material is that valuable.

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