The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss

   This is the story about a Methodist minister and his wife, who, when they find they are unable to have any children of their own, decide to adopt one.The Authoress, Helen, (the wife in the story)loved children, and was elated to adopt one.So, though Helen is ready to take a baby home the day they apply to adopt, they have to wait a while until they get to take home their first.When they do get their first baby, Donny,  the husband (Carl) thinks Helen is satisfied and things can settle down. But not so. Because about the time that Donny is 2 or 3 years old, Helen is wanting to adopt a girl. Carl isn’t comfortable with the idea, as it is the great depression era and money is tight. But then Helen hears about two little girls that nobody wants. One because of her heritage,and the other because she is sickly and has a disfiguring birthmark on her face. Helen can’t bear the thought of any child being unwanted, and begs Carl to let her adopt them. Carl agrees readily enough, and the family seems to be complete…..for a while. Then Donny sees Susie and Laura playing together (they are only a few months apart in age) and decides he would like ‘a brother the same size as himself’. Helen, of course, is not at all opposed to the idea, and brings it to Carl when she learns that there is a little boy named Teddy up for adoption . Nobody wants to adopt him because of his heritage, and he had ended up in a broken home. Carl balks at the thought of another mouth to feed when money is so tight, but ends up agreeing on the condition that he is the last one.
So Helen and Donny hop on a train to go pick up Teddy, who is about the same age as Laura and Susie.

But after a while, Donny realizes that Teddy isn’t the same size as he is, and he again applies to Helen for a brother the same size as himself.
And so it goes, until they have adopted 12 children. 🙂
Throughout the story, they have to overcome obstacles like rude caseworkers,interfering friends, etc.
In the end, Helen, who is worn out from taking care of the children by herself, goes to college, leaving Carl at home with all the children, and Carl begins to see why Helen loves children so much.
The story ends with Helen’s arrival back home and the adoption of their last three children.
It is a very enjoyable read.
I loved it because:
It is full of humor (probably better understood by mothers). 🙂
It is a story that shows what family love is.
It is a true story about a real family.
But I didn’t quite agree with how Carl talked about his relationship with Christ.
He seemed confused. He acted like Christ was a distant acquaintance rather than a close friend/Father/King.
The thing that confused me the most, I suppose, is what Carl says at the end of the book when Helen asks him if he’s found God. ( First thing: If Carl’s a minister, not only should he have found God, he should know Him, love Him, learn everything he can about Him, etc.) Carl’s answer is : ” I did find God. Not in my theology textbooks, not completely in a mere church building. I found Him this summer. I found Him in the trusting faces of our little children.”
Which, while it may sound sweet, is not quite how that works.
But aside from that, I really found it to be an enjoyable read.
I strongly encourage you to find a copy and read it. 😉

P.S. I have included some pictures of the Doss family which were not in the book, but I found them online and thought you guys would enjoy them. 🙂

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