The Reb and the Redcoats by Constance Savery

The Reb and the Redcoats. The title alone begs the book be read -duly noted by the fact that I bought it ‘pages unread’ (my play on ‘sight unseen’). Constance Savery has a way of making you feel everything the characters feel.

 I normally try to find books that are filled with mystery, suspense, action and humour. This one didn’t seem to have all that, more of an emotional book. Somehow I loved it . Finished it in a day.

 Reasons I love it:

#1. Constance uses an awesome storyline to tell the power of forgiveness.

#2. It’s an easy read with a lasting message.

#3. The Reb is a gentleman son, brother and friend (I tend to like it when the main character is a well-mannered being).

#4. I enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster- if you like getting angry during a read, this is your book.

#5. It’s centered around the Revolutionary War (I’m a bit of a history lover).

 All things considered, I’d give this 5 books. I highly recommend reading it for all ages.

 Ps. I did love the way he used nursery rhymes as codes.

The Reb And The Redcoats By Constance Savery

I got this book as a gift from a friend who is a bookworm like myself and likes the classics like I do. I devoured the book in two hours flat and enjoyed it very much.

Constance Savery knows how to take you  back to the Revolutionary War, and shows the English and American view, which is rare to find all in the same book.

My favorite character is the Reb. As an older sister who has graduated and now teaches two of my younger brothers, I can appreciate the schoolroom scene and wish with all my might that I had the amazing power over unruly boys the Reb seemed  to have when teaching Joseph and George. I can stare at my brothers all day, and they won’t budge an inch. 🙂

  I read this book to my younger brother for history/ literature and we both enjoyed it. I am a history loving girl and have tried to impress the importance of history to my brothers. My favorite subjects to study in History are usually wars. That’s probably one of the reasons why I like this book so much.

 The humor is dry, the storyline excellent, and the moral  of the story one all of us could use! This book will get four and a half books from me in applaud for a well done story. ( Another story written by Constance Savery is Enemy Brothers which I can also highly recommend)


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