The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas

The Robe. Oooooh, this book. Mucho delicioso! The first part is a little bit slow and it does contain some mushiness.
The Robe follows the tribune, who won Jesus’ robe at the cross , and his slave on their journey to salvation.
I was on the edge of my seat for two days(I think that’s how long it took). And it’s a book that lingers on the mind, replaying chapter after chapter.

Reasons I love it:
#1. Action, fights, captures, escapes. Definitely my kind of book.
#2. Humorous, Demetrius’ fight with Quintus was too funny.
#3. Demetrius staying loyal to Marcellus even when he was a jerk- once again, a gentleman.
#4. Demetrius refusing his freedom. Wow! Does it seem like I’m focusing on Demetrius too much?
#5. Everything was woven together so well, like a perfect puzzle.
#6. The robe itself was intriguing.

I’m only giving it four books because of reasons yet to be explained. Allow me to expound.
#1. Curse words. Yep, it has curse words(keep a black marker handy). 🙁
#2. The magic in the robe. Yeah, it’s cool to think about, and this book wouldn’t be a book without it. But still, not very probable. Though I would like to know what happened to it.
#3. Why must everyone die!?! I mean really…..

Anywho, I truly enjoyed it and might’ve loved it more without curse words.


O.K, Where shall I start?

This book is amazing. Yes, amazing.

Like all books, it has it’s flaws, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is so amazing.

One flaw is the curse words that some of the characters use every once in a while.

Then there is the mushy romance scenes I kind of skipped over when I read the book seven or eight times. (It’s become a tradition for me to read it every Easter, along with Ben Hur.)

And lastly, there is the death of two of the main characters at the end of the book.

(Yes, it will make you cry.) Why do 90% of my favorite books have the main characters die? These authors either take some evil delight in the thought of the future readers of their books crying over the poor characters who tragically lose their lives, or they just don’t know how to write a book without having at least one character die.

So I’ve pointed out the flaws, now I will point out the good points.

The message of salvation is given, explained, and some of the characters get saved.  🙂

It has lots of humor. My favorite scene in the book, which I must have read a thousand times, is where Demetrius fights Quintus and wins. Marcellus’ reaction is hilarious.

It has the message of forgiveness. It has returning good for evil.

And again, it’s amazing.


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