The Von Trapp Family Singers by Maria Von Trapp

MMMMmmmmm, what a good book!
I love this book. Really love it.
It is extremely well written.
It has humor threaded through it, as if it were woven in like a tapestry.
It has bits of real life experience during WWII.
It has escape ( I love captive/escape stories! ).
It has real life hardships, which are overcome.
It has a deep family love.
It has such a neat view into Austrian life/ history.
It is just……Wonderful!
It is written from a Catholic perspective, so parents may want to be careful when you are reading it to your children, giving it to them to read for themselves,etc.
No bad words, no bad scenes (that I can remember), and no mushiness.
I watched The Sound Of Music before I read this (waaay before) and love that movie too, but ( hate to ruin this for you, but you must know if you haven’t seen it yet and have read the book or read it before you watch the movie, and end up with high expectations for the movie -they are NOT the same. Not even the names (except the Captain’s and Maria’s. Honest.). It is a lot different from the book.
I know that the movie I am imagining has perfect casting, perfect settings, gets all the names right, and is incredibly long and at times hard to watch, but it would at least be the same as the book. Right?
Another movie I have watched relating to this is The Life Of Music, which is the movie that was based off of Agathe (the oldest Von Trapp daughter) Von Trapp’s book (Which I have not yet read, but really want to), and that was good too, but still not the same. They did at least get the names right.
So, please enjoy your next adventure into WWII Austria and America!

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