True and False Conversion – Blog Post

  Amidst the flood of confusion that pours out of the media every time the wind blows (or more accurately when an opportunistic crisis/tragedy occurs) their news articles really show the need for a biblical understanding of the nature of true Christianity. Recently I heard a teaching called “True and False Conversion” that accurately explains this. You see, the Bible says that not everyone that names the name of Christ is saved.   It also says that narrow is the way that leads to salvation. So just because someone says that they’re a Christian doesn’t mean that they have been born again. More importantly, the fruit of their lives will be shown to be good or bad. The world is blind to that and labels these phonies as Christians (usually to get some scary Orwellian legislation enacted). To understand more about True/False conversion read Mark 4 and check the following links below to see what I’m talking about.

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