Wanted: Dead or Alive

   Have you ever wondered which TV show is the best of all time? Well, I have the answer…. it’s Wanted: Dead or Alive (a close second is either Maverick, I love Lucy or The Andy Griffith Show). I’ve watched every episode at least twice, much to my family’s chagrin (they’re not quite as into it as I am).
I really don’t understand why Steve McQueen gave up his illustrious career as bounty hunter to become a movie actor (I mean, unless it was for The Great Escape)…
This particular TV show was on in the late 1950s to early 1960s and we’ve collected all three seasons. 🙂 Josh Randall (Steve McQueen) is a bounty hunter who hunts down the bad guys on the wanted posters and (almost) always brings them in.

Reasons I love it:
#1. Steve McQueen is my absolute favorite actor ever (Errol Flynn is second).
#2. Josh Randall always tries to bring the person in alive.
#3. Not one bad word in all 94 episodes.
#4. He normally gives his money away to charity.
#5. Jason was a hilarious sidekick.
#6. Lots of good one liners.
#7. It always has you second guessing how it will end.
#8. Clearly defined good vs. evil- black and white, not every color in between (haha, literally).

My favorite episodes are The Hostage (season 2 episode 6) and No Trail Back (season 2 episode 13). And the most humorous one is (in my opine) The Partners (season 2 episode 22). I would love to put a detailed description of each episode but….that would require me rewatching all three seasons (trust me, I’d love to but my family may want to see me in the very near future).

Okay, so, for The hostage; brief summary:
Josh Randall brings a killer in alive and the residents of Rogue City praise him for it. Five minutes later the killer kills the sheriff and demands a hostage. After an emergency city council meeting, the Judge makes the decision of who to send as a hostage. Who is it? Why, Josh Randall, of course! Using rather illogical logic (such as, you have no family, you captured him to begin with, etc.) the town demands Josh surrender himself to the killer. Facing death from both sides, he gives himself up as a hostage. I’ll try not to spoil it for you. Skipping ahead a little ways, at the end of the episode the town offers Josh the chance to become sheriff of Rogue City. You can guess his response.

Now, for No Trail Back:
Josh Randall is tracking a boy who tried to rob a bank and was, consequently, bit by a dog. A rabid dog. Josh finds him lying face down and, somehow, ends up being captured himself. The boy (Wright King, who later becomes Josh’s sidekick) takes Josh to his brother’s hideout (his brother is a wanted man). So now Josh has to figure out how to escape, save the boy’s life, and capture the older brother.
I feel like I’m ruining the plot. Let me end by saying that it all ends well.

And The Partners:
Josh never wanted a sidekick, he really likes working alone. Jason, on the other hand, has always wanted to be a bounty hunter. When Josh turns down Jason’s offer of assistance, well….
Josh gets accused of being a horse thief and is thrown in jail. Out of nowhere Jason appears and gets Josh out. Needless to say, Josh is less than happy. The dialogue is too funny.
This episode does a good job teaching that life is precious.
That’s another thing I like about the old TV shows, they taught life lessons instead of going for the follow your heart/goody feeling.

Favorite Quotes:
Josh Randall- “Let’s gooo.” (long drawn out go)

“I knew that you weren’t in the room when they were handing out brains, but now I know you weren’t even in the house.”

“I’m afraid of heights too.”

Ps. Kitty (Josh’s girlfriend) doesn’t dress the best.

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